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New products from Braude
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The OTP and the TS

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And Polaris Neptune
heaters are a new range
of robust and efficient MI
tubular heaters

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Braude Heating Systems for Corrosive Liquids

Electro and Electroless Plating (Ni, Cu, Au, Ag)   Acid Pickling Processes   PCB Etching and Plating   Anodising

Battery and Chemical Manufacture   Chemical Milling   Marine Applications   Chemical Storage Frost Protection

E. Braude (London) Ltd. specialises in the manufacture of industrial equipment for use with corrosive liquids. Braude products include electric tank heaters, heat exchangers, pumps, controllers and a range of accessories all designed for harsh industrial processes.

Braude products are manufactured in the UK and have been used worldwide for many years providing efficient service in arduous processes in many leading companies from aerospace to steel processing.

Braude has always maintained a commitment to produce products and service of the highest quality. Braude's quality systems are accredited by UKAS and approved to ISO 9001:2008. Contact Braude for more information.

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