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BRAUDE manufactures industrial equipment for use in process liquids typically found in metal processing and chemical manufacturing, and is a trading division of Heatrod Elements Ltd, a member of the Nibe Element Division.

We are known as specialists in thermal process equipment for highly aggressive and corrosive liquids and we can supply heating equipment for most industrial process applications.

Our services include design and advice on the most suitable heaters for your needs, selection of heaters and associated equipment all of which is backed up by our technical service team..  Please contact us for technical advice.

Braude products include electric tank heaters, heat exchangers, pumps, controllers and a range of accessories all designed for harsh industrial processes. Braude products are used in applications such as:

  •     Metal processing - from electroplating to stainless steel pickling
  •     Electronics industry and PCB manufacture
  •     Chemical processing
  •     Water industry

Other applications include those where the inert properties of the products do not cause any contamination of the solutions, such as:

  •     Medical and pharmaceutical
  •     Biochemical processes
  •     Fish aquaria and farming
  • A history of Braude

    1957 Founded in London by Erich Braude, trading in steel stocks as E. Braude (London) Ltd.

    1973 Dan Welsby, a successful stainless steel tube manufacturer, purchased E. Braude (London) Ltd

    1974 Under the guidance of Dan Welsby, Braude moved to its current site in Sandhurst, Berkshire. The company became a distributor of chemical pumps and Teflon heat exchangers to the steel and metal finishing industries.

    1978 The company moved into manufacture and the Nautilus Teflon Heat Exchanger was introduced; a product which could withstand the demands of highly corrosive liquids used in the steel and metal finishing industries, and for which Braude became well known.

    1980 The Polaris Electric Immersion Heater was launched, and through a rapid growth in sales, became one of the core products alongside the Nautilus Heat Exchanger. This earned a reputation for Braude as being as thermal process equipment specialists.

    1993 Jet Steam external tank heating system for corrosive liquid was added to the growing range of products, further enhancing the Braude reputation, in particular when it comes to the heating and cooling of highly corrosive liquids.

    1997 Company first accredited to BS EN ISO 9002.

    2002 Quality system upgraded to BS EN ISO 9001.

    2008 The Braude range of products was introduced to the steel processing industry in India.

    2009 David Snoxhill and Carlos Avila took over Braude with the objective of expanding the range of heaters, heat exchangers, controllers and pumps to be able to meet all the needs of their customers and continued its growth, especially across the overseas, Indian and the Far Eastern markets.

    2016 Following a successful year, the acquisition of Braude by Heatrod Elements Ltd, a member of the Backer Group, part of the Nibe Elements division of Nibe Industries AG, assured the future of E. Braude(London) Ltd.

    Design, development and manufacture of the Braude range of products still continues to this day in Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK.

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  • Quality

    Braude has always maintained a commitment to produce products and service of the highest quality, with fully documented procedures and product records. All equipment is tested and inspected before leaving our workshops.

    Our quality systems are accredited by UKAS and approved to ISO 9001:2015.

  • Braude in India

    Braude have supplied equipment to India for many years to some of the foremost manufacturing companies in the Steel, Chemical, Electronics and Metal Finishing industries. In view of the rapid development of the Indian market Braude have appointed Mr. Amit Banerjee to the position of Operations Manager – India to promote Braude products and oversee Braude operations throughout India.

    Amit has been working in this sector for many years and we are confident that we will be able to provide an excellent standard of service to Indian customers. Amit is based in Kolkata but regularly travels to all parts of India visiting clients. Personnel from the UK regularly visit the country to support his activities.


    Amit Banerjee Operations Manager - India

    Phone: + 91 33 3294 1428



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Braude equipment is used worldwide in heavy industry, in
factories, laboratories, and harsh environments such as
chemical processing and marine applications.

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