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Ancillary Equipment

Braude supply a complete range of ancilliaries and accessories for use with heating products.  These include custom built control panels, junction boxes with contactors. Specialist pumps and we will shortly introduce an eductor system.

  • Control Panels

    Buying a heater is only part of the story as to use this you will need a power supply and control system.

    Braude manufacture control panels specifically to suit your needs and compliant with all regulations.  They can be used with all Braude controllers.

    Download data sheet...

  • Electrical Ancilliaries

    All heaters should be controlled via contactors MCB (miniature circuit breakers) and RCD (residual current devices).  These can be supplied individually or mounted in a box with terminals for easy connection.


  • Liquid Flow Eductors

    Braude Liquid Flow Eductors.



    Liquid flow eductors enable improvement of liquid flow and agitation in electroplating, pickling and cleaning tanks.

    They function by taking liquid normally from a pump and because of their venturi design increase the flow rate by about 5 times.

    All Braude eductors are manufactured in rugged PP as standard with other materials such as PVDF available to order.


    Increase agitation

    Directional flow

    No aeration of liquid

    Simple to install and use

    Download Datasheet

  • Residual Current Devices

    Braude manufacture and supply a range of Residual Current Devices to help ensure the electrical safety of heater installations.

    Safety is of paramount importance to manufacturers of electric immersion heaters. We endeavour to make our products as safe and foolproof as we possibly can. However, no piece of electrical equipment is 100% safe unless it is protected by an RCD (Residual Current Device). Some people believe that only an MCB is required, but an MCB does not protect against earth leakage; an RCD is the only device that will provide a rapid (30msec or better) cut off in the event of earth leakage and should be fitted to every installation.

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