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Braude have a full range of temperature and liquid level controllers, protection and cut-out devices to be used in conjunction with our heaters.   All controllers are supplied complete with sensors designed for use in process tanks so they are protected from attack by aggressive chemicals or by mechanical damage from workload in the tank.

Our controllers are designed for arduous application in processing plants and most come in IP65 enclosures for surface mounting near the point of application. Clear displays ensure ease of use.

They can also be used in conjunction with our custom built control panels to complete our range of safety, monitoring and control solutions.


  • Thermaster temperature controller

    Thermaster uses a PT100 sensor encased in Teflon for use in corrosive liquids which is provided complete with guide tube and flying lead for easy installation into your tank. Probe lengths are 0.5m as standard but can be made up to 8m. The controller is relay operated using a single set point and is accurate to =+/- 1oC. The enclosure is sealed to IP65


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  • Thermaster TS remote temperature sending unit

    This simple controller consists of a PT100 sensor with built in sensor head to give a 4-20mA for use with a PLC system or similar. Like all Thermaster sensors this can be built up to 8m in length to suit your specific requirements.


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  • Thermaster OTP over temperature protection for Polaris heaters

    The OTP system consistes of a built in probe fitted to a Polaris heater which enables sensing of over temperature in the element. This is useful to protect plant in situations where there is no liquid in the tank and has been enthusiastically welcomed by engineers and insurance companies alike!


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  • Levelmaster liquid level control

    A simple high / low level controller which can be used to control heaters or pumps.  The probe is either Carbon filament, Inconel or Stainless steel and so is suitable for any tank in the process area.


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  • Tankmaster temperature and liquid level controller

    Combined temperature and level controller suing Braude’s unique PT100 and conductance level probes compatible with  the Thermaster and Levelmaster .  There are a range of settable options such as high high temperature control and alarm functions.  Enclosure to IP65


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  • HPD Hazard Protection Device for low level protection

    HPD Hazard Protection Device for low level burn out prevention of Polaris heaters. This simple level controller operates in the same way as the Levelmaster with a sensor fitted to the Polaris heater for single point low level control.


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  • Backer IoT Smart Temperature Controller

    The Backer IoT Smart Temperature Controller range of products have been designed from the ground up with temperature control and our commitment to the environment at their heart. Control your heat requirements and energy usage wherever you are. From plant scada through to mobile maintenance and control, our smart range of temperature controllers are designed to offer the flexibility to fit into any environment and provide the maximum levels of control.


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