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Braude manufacture a range of heat exchangers in fluoropolymer materials for use either in tank or external.  Amongst the many applications in which these heat exchangers are typically used are acid pickling processes, preflux in galvanising, large scale electroplating, chemical milling.

The exchangers are designed for use with steam, hot water, thermal fluid up to 200°C or chilled water and also electric.

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  • Nautilus

    An internal tank heat exchanger manufactured from fully tested high performance flouropolymer PTFE-based materials making it ideal for use with nitric, hydrochloric and chromic acids - indeed most known corrosive solutions - up to 100°C.

    Nautilus units are of a modular construction which enables the basic unit capacity to be increased by the fitment of further elements. Heating units can also be 'linked' if really high outputs are required. Operation is normally with saturated steam, hot water or thermal fluid for heating and chilled water for cooling.

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  • Jet Stream

    An externally mounted recirculation tank system designed for use where space in the tank is at a premium or the element needs protection from the workload. Jet Stream is fully non-corrodable and ideal for heated nitric and nitric acid/hydrofluoric acid mixtures, hydrochloric, sulphuric and chromic acids and most other known corrosive solutions.

    It is a complete system comprising heating or cooling element, two pumps (one operational, one reserve) and controls, designed to occupy minimum floor space. Jet Stream can be used as an external system for process tanks or as an in line unit.

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  • Electro Jet

    An external electric heating system fitted with Polaris electric elements which can utilise an existing recirculation and control system or be supplied complete with pumps and temperature control.   The small footprint and compact design allows positioning alongside the process tank without occupying valuable space or intruding into work areas.

    The height is 950mm and the diameter 400mm for the 9kW model and 632mm for the 18kW model.

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