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Duty required :  Heating     Cooling Click 'heating' for heating questions, 'cooling' for cooling questions


Method :  Heat exchanger     Electric Immersion Heater
Heating medium :  Steam     Hot water     Thermal fluid
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Electrical supply details :  Single     Three phase V Hz
Required lead length for heater : M
Heat-Up Time (from start to operating temperature) : Hours Start temperature :  Deg C
Heating maintain conditions

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Temperature : Deg C Throughput :  kg/hr
Is air sparging used? :  Yes     No Air flow rate : 
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Reqd operation :  To cool against heat input     Cool down
Heat input from electrical process eg electroplating, anodising, electropolishing

Process voltage: V Current : A
Heat input by exothermic reaction

Heat input, if known : kW
If not known, Temperature rise from : Deg C    to : Deg C    in : Hrs
Temp. at start : Deg C    Temp at end : Deg C    Time to be taken : Hrs
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