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Installation Instruction Downloads


These are all the downloadable installation instructions. We recommend you look at these files with the Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer, available here

If your product is not listed here, please contact our technical department,

    Polaris Popular (735Kb)

    Popular Chemical Resistance Chart (68Kb)

    Polaris Modular (181Kb)

    Modular Chemical Resistance Chart (77Kb)

    Neptune Tubular Heaters (77Kb)

    Thermaster Controller (1.4Mb)

    Levelmaster Controller (581Kb)

    Tankmaster Controller (81Kb)

    Tankmaster MP Type 'TKMP16' Controller (440Kb)

    Braude Self Priming Chemical Pump (2.8Mb)

    Braude Pump Chemical Resistance Chart (162Kb)

    Nautilus Tank Heater / Cooler (645Kb)

    Thermaster OTP Installation Instructions (3.2Mb)

    Thermaster TS Installation Instructions (330Kb)


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Braude equipment is used worldwide in heavy industry, in
factories, laboratories, and harsh environments such as
chemical processing and marine applications.

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