A history of Braude - supplying industry for over 60 years

Timeline of the Braude brand


E. BRAUDE (LONDON) LTD was founded in 1957 by a gentleman named Erich Braude who developed a small metal trading business


Dan Welsby took over the company and decided Teflon heat exchangers, which he had come across whilst overcoming the problems of heating acid pickle mixture to clean the stainless steel tube.

1973 he purchased Liberta House in Sandhurst and set about building the business, with John Mack installed as MD. Initially there was an agreement with a US manufacturer for distribution of their Teflon heat exchangers in the UK, the advantage of Teflon being that it is a material in the PTFE family and highly chemically resistant.

This started the road to the products we know today beginning with the Nautilus


This was a very active time for the development of the business and the development of many of the products like Polaris electric immersion heaters, Thermaster temperature and Levelmaster level controllers. At the same time sales were developing fast and Braude products started to be seen all over the world.



This was a period of consolidation and further development of existing and new products including the Jet Stream heat exchanger specifically designed for heavy undustrial applications such as galvanising and steel strip ptoduction.

Laterin the decade the Polaris Popular electric immersion heater was introduced to comp;iment the existing heater range and offer more chioce to our customers.



The product range continued to be developed with the introduction of the Tankmaster controller and later in the decade the Neptune metal heaters, to compliment the existing range.

John Mack retired and David Snoxhill took over the company.

Following the traumas of the financial crisis in 2007 the search for new markets continued and a programme was initiated to further develop sales in the India market.



Sales growth continued against a backdrop of continued depletion in the Uk market. The company continued its global focussed. Jatinder Singh from India was appointed Sales Manager in 2016.

Later that year the company was taken over by the Nibe group under the stewardship of Heatrod Elements Ltd. Production was moved to the new Bolton factory.




The business move was completed early in 2000 and the Braude brand consolidated into Heatrod Elements Ltd where it is now an important division retaining the core values built into the brand over many years.