Heat Exchangers

Braude manufacture a range of heat exchangers in fluoropolymer materials for use either in tank or external. Amongst the many applications in which these heat exchangers are typically used are; acid pickling processes, preflux in galvanising, large scale electroplating and chemical milling.

The exchangers are designed for use with steam, hot water, thermal fluid up to 200°C or chilled water and also electric.

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Example of Applications

  • Acid Pickling in Steel Industry
  • Electroplating Processes
  • Chemical Plant Processes and Storage
  • Pickling and Flux in Galvanising pre Treatment
  • Chemical Milling


  • Internal or external tank heating
  • Outputs up to 400kW
  • Use with thermal fluid, saturated steam, hot water or chilled water
  • Electric options available
  • Heating or cooling
  • Non corrodible

Product examples