Jet Stream External Heating System

An externally mounted recirculation tank system designed for use where space in the tank is at a premium or the element needs protection from the workload. Jet Stream is fully non-corrodable and ideal for heated nitric and nitric acid/hydrofluoric acid mixtures, hydrochloric, sulphuric and chromic acids and most other known corrosive solutions.

It is a complete system comprising heating or cooling element, two pumps (one operational, one reserve) and controls, designed to occupy minimum floor space. Jet Stream can be used as an external system for process tanks or as an in line unit.

Example of Applications

  • Acid pickling in steel industry
  • Chemical milling
  • Electroplating processes
  • Pickling and flux in galvanising pre treatment
  • Chemical plant processes and storage


  • Heats or cools strong acids
  • Can be maintained off line without disruption to the main process
  • Complete system including recirculation pumps and control
  • Reduces clutter in the process tanks

Product examples