Polaris Popular Tank Heater

The Polaris Popular fluoropolymer immersion heaters are designed for use where aggressive chemicals need to be heated to temperatures up to 100°C. All heaters have optimum chemical resistance against corrosion caused by chemicals such as nitric, hydrochloric, sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids, and are inert enough to be used where non-contamination is a requirement.

The element has an open construction to allow free flow of liquid across the surface and to limit solid retention, which is particularly important when used in solutions which generate solid deposition such as Electroless Nickel and Copper plating processes.

The heater is thin enough to fit easily into confined spaces eg. behind anode baskets.

Popular Classic can be supplied with hanging brackets for vertical mounting or standoffs for horizontal mounting. The integral Braudeflex lead has no junctions and is continuous and flexible.

Popular Flex is supplied with a spliced connection to an electrical cable if you a longer lead with a flexible connection is required, and where the presence of a join in the cable is not a problem

Popular Cylindrical is for the tanks where a conventional flat model will not suit.

Example of Applications

  • Electroplating
  • Electroless Plating
  • Chemical Polishing
  • Hard and soft Anodising
  • Frost protection for chemical tanks
  • Marine water


  • Will not corrode
  • Easy to install
  • Supplied with hanging brackets or standoffs
  • Low watt density
  • Anti deposit element
  • Fully flexible cable
  • High thermal efficiency

Product examples