Nautilus Tank Heater

An internal tank heat exchanger manufactured from fully tested high performance flouropolymer PTFE-based materials making it ideal for use with nitric, hydrochloric and chromic acids - indeed most known corrosive solutions - up to 100°C.

Nautilus units are of a modular construction which enables the basic unit capacity to be increased by the fitment of further elements. Heating units can also be 'linked' if really high outputs are required. Operation is normally with saturated steam, hot water or thermal fluid for heating and chilled water for cooling.

Example of Applications

  • Acid Pickling in Steel Industry
  • Pickling and Flux in Galvanising pre Treatment
  • Chemical Milling
  • Electroplating
  • Chemical Plant Processes and Storage


  • Reduce process downtime improving efficiency
  • Suitable for heating or cooling
  • Flexible easy fit connections
  • Large output range
  • Simple to install and easy to maintain
  • Will not corrode in aggressive acids or chemical solutions
  • Technical data


    Teflon element with PP/PVDF/CPVC frame


    1"-4" BSTD / 32mm - 110mm PN10 Universal flanges

    Risers normally 1m but different lengths available to order


    Heating Medium: Saturated steam to 3.4 Bar, 148 deg C

    Hot water to 3Bar 115 deg C

    Thermal fluid to 200 deg C

    Cooling medium: Chilled water to -15 deg C, 6.0 Bar

Product examples