Nautilus TFM Tank Heater

A Nautilus heat exchanger top flange mounted heater designed for use in offline tanks typically found in large pickling applications such as steel strip production.

The unit is supplied with the Teflon element suspended beneath a top plate and sturdy frame to withstand the arduous conditions found in these applications. It is designed typically for use with saturated steam but could also be used with hot water systems or thermal fluid. Like all Nautilus heat exchangers it can be used for cooling with a suitable chilled water supply.

The offline system makes the unit easy to remove for maintenance or replacement without disruption to the process.

Example of Applications

  • Storage and holding tanks.
    • Offline recirculation tanks for acid pickling and other corrosive process.
    • Chemical process tanks.


  • Top flange mounted Nautilus heat exchanger, designed for offline tanks.• Heat output up to 400kW
  • Easy to install and remove for maintenance
  • PP frame suitable for Hydrochloric, HF/ Sulphuric and Nitric Mixes.
  • Standard Top Plate with hangers to suit your application.
  • Heat output up to 400kW
  • Technical data


    Heating Element: Teflon (Grade dependent on application)
    Frame: Heat stabilised PP (stable up to 80oC

    Heating medium

    Saturated steam 3.4 Bar, 148C

    Hot Water 3 Bar 115C
    Thermal Fluid 200C

    Top Plate

    1200mm x 500mm standard

    Frame and hangers

    Sized to suit your application for tanks up to 3m deep

Product examples